QUESTION 19 You have an exchange server 2016 640-911 vce organization. The organization contains a Mailbox server named EX01. EX01 contains a mailbox database named DB01. The volume that contains DB01 fails. You need to perform a dial-tone recovery of the database. What should you create first? A. a new Recovery Storage Group B. a new mailbox database C. a mailbox move request D. a mailbox restore request E. a lagged database copy Correct Answer: B QUESTION 20 You have an Exchange Server organization. The 70-487 vce organization contains servers that have Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2016 installed. You establish a hybrid deployment between Exchange Server and Microsoft Office 365. Some users have on-premises mailboxes and personal archives in Exchange Online. You discover that you are unable to use In-Place eDiscovery to search user mailboxes and Exchange Online Archiving archives concurrently. You need to recommend a solution to ensure that 210-060 vce In-Place eDiscovery can search the mailboxes and the personal archives concurrently. What should you include in the recommendation? A. Auth authentication B. an organization relationship C. a retention policy D. the Mailbox Replication service (MRS) Correct Answer: A QUESTION 21You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization. The organization contains five Mailbox servers. The servers are members of a database availability group (DAG). All of the databases in the DAG are replicated to all of the members. You plan to perform scheduled maintenance on a Mailbox server named MBX3 that will place the server offline for up to an hour. You need to ensure that any active databases 70-412 vce on MBX3 are activated on other DAG members before performing the maintenance. Which cmdlet should you ducktown use? A. Set-MailboxDatabaseCopy B. Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup C. Resume-MailboxDatabaseCopy D. Set-MailboxServer Correct Answer: D QUESTION 22 You have an Exchange Server 2016 i-tec organization. Users report that they receive an Autodiscover error when they attempt to configure a Microsoft Outlook profile. You need to view the URLs that are returned to the users when they attempt to establish an Autodiscover connection. Which command should you run from an Exchange server? A. Test-OutlookConnectivity B. Test-OutlookWebServices C. Test-WebServicesConnectivity D. Test-MAPIConnectivity Correct Answer: B300-320 vce SUNON FAN KDE2409PTS3.6 KDE2409PTV2.13.MS.A.GN KDE2409PTV213MSAGN -- ABB .FOXBORO, ,YASKAWA, HONEYWELL,Panasonic, Fujitsu, Kollmorgen, JDSU HP-Agilent, Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu, Tektronix Fluke ADVANTEST, MOTOROLA--Xiamen JinLongDa Network Technology Co., LTD--Powered by MetInfo

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  • Model:KDE2409PTS3.6 KDE2409PTV2.13.MS.A.GN KDE2409PTV213MSAGN
  • Brand:SUNON
  • Part Type :KDE2409PTS3.6 KDE2409PTV2.13.MS.A.GN KDE2409PTV213MSAGN
  • Description:SUNON FAN KDE2409PTS3.6 KDE2409PTV2.13.MS.A.GN KDE2409PTV213MSAGN


KDE0506-PTS3        KDE0506PHB2        KDE0506PHB3-TM FAN        KDE0506PHS2
KDE0506PHV2.MS.A.GN        KDE0506PHV3.MS.A.GN        KDE0506PTB3        KDE0506PTS3
KDE0535PFB1-8        KDE0545PFS1-8        KDE0545PFS3-8        KDE0545PFV1.11.MS.A.GN
KDE0545PFV2.11.MS.A.GN        KDE1202PFB1-8       
KDE1202PFB1-8(V)        KDE1202PFB1-8V-9823
KDE1202PFB2        KDE1202PFB2-8        KDE1202PFB2-8V        KDE1202PFB28
KDE1202PFB3        KDE1202PFV2-8.MS        KDE1203PFB1-8        KDE1203PFB1-8V
KDE1203PFB2-        KDE1203PFB2-8        KDE1203PFB2-8(V)        KDE1203PFB2.8
KDE1203PFB28        KDE1203PFB3-8V        KDE1203PFV3-8MS        KDE1203PFV38MS
KDE1203PHB1-8(MS.M)        KDE1204 PKV2 .MS.GN        KDE1204-PFS2-8        KDE1204-PK52
KDE1204-PKVX-MS        KDE1204PFB1        KDE1204PFB1 (MS)        KDE1204PFB1 MS
KDE1204PFB1-8        KDE1204PFB18        KDE1204PFB2        KDE1204PFB2-8
KDE1204PFB2-8 W/CONN        KDE1204PFB2-8*       
KDE1204PFB2-H        KDE1204PFB28
KDE1204PFBX MS        KDE1204PFS-2.8        KDE1204PFS1-8        KDE1204PFS2
KDE1204PFS2-8        KDE1204PFS2-8X        KDE1204PFS3-        KDE1204PFS3-S
KDE1204PFV1        KDE1204PFV1 11.MS.A.GN        KDE1204PFV1 11.MS.AF.GN        KDE1204PFV1(MS)
KDE1204PFV1-MS        KDE1204PFV1.11.MS.A.GN        KDE1204PFV111MSAGN        KDE1204PFV2
KDE1204PFV2 11.MS.A.        KDE1204PFV2 11.MS.A.GN       
KDE1204PFV2-11.MS.A.GN        KDE1204PFV2.11.MS.A GN X
KDE1204PFV2.11.MS.A.GN        KDE1204PFV211MSAGN       
KDE1204PFV3 11.MS.B981.A        KDE1204PFV3 MS.B981.A.GN
KDE1204PFVX 11.MS.A.GN        KDE1204PFVX.11.MS.A.GN       
KDE1204PK8X        KDE1204PKB2
KDE1204PKB2 MS        KDE1204PKB2(2)        KDE1204PKB2(2).GN        KDE1204PKB3
KDE1204PKBX        KDE1204PKBX-8        KDE1204PKBX8        KDE1204PKBXMS.M
KDE1204PKBXMSM        KDE1204PKS2        KDE1204PKS2-(FS)        KDE1204PKS2.GN
KDE1204PKS3        KDE1204PKS3 SUNON        KDE1204PKS3-SUO        KDE1204PKS3SUOENC
KDE1204PKSX-8        KDE1204PKV1        KDE1204PKV1-MS-GN        KDE1204PKV1.MS.A.GN
KDE1204PKV1MSAGN        KDE1204PKV2-MS.A.GN        KDE1204PKV2.MS.GNR        KDE1204PKV3 P/N:MS III
KDE1204PKV3.MS.AF.GN        KDE1204PKV3MS-C392       
KDE1204PKV3MS.A.GN        KDE1204PKV3MS.C392
KDE1204PKV3MSAFGN        KDE1204PKVX MS        KDE1204PKVX MS.A.GN        KDE1204PKVX-MS
KDE1204PKVX-MS.A.GN-9824        KDE1204PKVX-MSA-GN       
KDE1204PKVXV MS.M        KDE1204PTS3        KDE1205PFB1        KDE1205PFB1-8
KDE1205PFB1-HG        KDE1205PFB18        KDE1205PFB2-8        KDE1205PFS1-8
KDE1205PFS2        KDE1205PFS3-8        KDE1205PFV1 11.MS.A.GN        KDE1205PFV1 11.MS.AF.GN
KDE1205PFV1.11.MS.A.        KDE1205PFV1.11.MS.A.GN       
KDE1205PFV2 11.MS.A.GN        KDE1205PFV2-11.MS.A.GN
KDE1205PFV2.11.MS.A.GN        KDE1205PFV211MSAGN       
KDE1205PFVX.11.MS.A.GN        KDE1205PFVX11.MS.A.GN
KDE1205PHB1        KDE1205PHB2 (MS)        KDE1205PHB3        KDE1205PHS3
KDE1205PHV1.MS.A.GN        KDE1205PHV1MS.GN        KDE1205PHV1MS.M        KDE1205PHV2.MS.A.GN
KDE1205PHV211.MS.B1175.        KDE1205PHV211MSB1175AGN       
KDE1205PHV2MS.A.GN        KDE1205PHV3 MS.A.GN
KDE1205PHV3.MS.GN        KDE1206-PHS1        KDE1206-PHS3        KDE1206-PTB1
KDE1206PFB18        KDE1206PFB28        KDE1206PFS1-8        KDE1206PFS3-8
KDE1206PFV1 MS.G(9).A.GN        KDE1206PFV1.MS.A.GN       
KDE1206PFV3        KDE1206PFV3.MS.G.9.A.GN        KDE1206PHB1        KDE1206PHB2
KDE1206PHB3        KDE1206PHB3 (2)        KDE1206PHS-1        KDE1206PHS1
KDE1206PHS2        KDE1206PHS3        KDE1206PHV1 MS.A.GN        KDE1206PHV1-A
KDE1206PHV1-MS.AR.GN        KDE1206PHV1.MS.A.GN       
KDE1206PHV1MSARGN        KDE1206PHV2        KDE1206PHV2.MS.A.GN        KDE1206PHV2MS.A.GN
KDE1206PHV3.MS.A.GN        KDE1206PHV3MSAGN        KDE1206PKB1        KDE1206PKB1 MS
KDE1206PKB3        KDE1206PKS1        KDE1206PKV1 13.MS.A.GN        KDE1206PKV1.MS.A.GN
KDE1206PKV1MSAGN        KDE1206PKV2.MS.A.GN        KDE1206PKV3        KDE1206PKV3 13.MS.AF 60*
KDE1206PT32        KDE1206PTB-3        KDE1206PTB1        KDE1206PTB1 (M)
KDE1206PTB1V        KDE1206PTB2        KDE1206PTB2-MS        KDE1206PTB3
KDE1206PTS-3        KDE1206PTS1        KDE1206PTS1-ROHS        KDE1206PTV1
KDE1206PTV1 13.MS.A.GN        KDE1206PTV1 MS.AS 2.2W       
KDE1206PTV1-MS.A.GN        KDE1206PTV1.13.MS.A
KDE1206PTV1.13.MS.A.GN        KDE1206PTV1.MS.A.GN       
KDE1206PTV113.MS.A.GN        KDE1206PTV2 13.MS.A.GN
KDE1206PTV2.MS.A.GN        KDE1206PTV2MSAGN        KDE1206PTV3(MS.M)        KDE1206PTV3MS
KDE1206PTV3MS.M        KDE1208-PTS3        KDE1208PHB3-A        KDE1208PHV3 13.MS.A
KDE1208PHV3 13.MS.AR        KDE1208PKV1 13.MS.AF.GN       
KDE1208PKV1 13.MS.AR.GN        KDE1208PT52-6
KDE1208PTB1-6        KDE1208PTB1-6(OC)        KDE1208PTB1-6*        KDE1208PTB1-6A
KDE1208PTB160C        KDE1208PTB1612V26W        KDE1208PTB2-6        KDE1208PTB2-6A
KDE1208PTB2-6DC12V        KDE1208PTB3-6        KDE1208PTB3-6A        KDE1208PTB3-6AM
KDE1208PTB3-6OC        KDE1208PTB3-H        KDE1208PTBX-6AF        KDE1208PTS DC12V 2.6WATT
KDE1208PTS1-13        KDE1208PTS1-6        KDE1208PTS1-6-SUO        KDE1208PTS2-6
KDE1208PTS3        KDE1208PTS3-6        KDE1208PTV1-        KDE1208PTV1-13.MS.A.GN
KDE1208PTV1.13.MS.A.GN        KDE1208PTV1.13.MS.A.R.GN       
KDE1208PTV113.MS.A.GN        KDE1208PTV3-13.MS.AF.GN
KDE1208PTV3.13.MS.A.GN        KDE1208PTV313MSAGN       
KDE1209-PTS3-6        KDE1209PTB1(2)H
KDE1209PTB1(2)H.M        KDE1209PTB1-6        KDE1209PTB1-6A        KDE1209PTB1-6AF
KDE1209PTB1-6OC        KDE1209PTB16        KDE1209PTB2-6        KDE1209PTB2-6A
KDE1209PTB2-6A-SUO        KDE1209PTB26ASUOENC        KDE1209PTB3-(2)-H        KDE1209PTB3-6
KDE1209PTBX-6A        KDE1209PTS1-6        KDE1209PTS1-6/DC12V-2,8W        KDE1209PTS2-6
KDE1209PTS3        KDE1209PTS3 13.GN        KDE1209PTS3-6        KDE1209PTS36
KDE1209PTV1-13.MS.GN        KDE1209PTV1.13.MS.A.GN       
KDE1209PTV113MSAGN        KDE1209PTV3 13.MS.A.GN
KDE1209PTV3 13.MS.B2555.        KDE1209PTV3-13.MS.A.GN       
KDE1209PTV3.13.MS.A.GN        KDE1212PMB0-6A
KDE1212PMB1-6A        KDE1212PMB1-6A-Z        KDE1212PMB1-6AR        KDE1212PMB2-6A
KDE1212PMB3-6A        KDE1212PMBX-6A        KDE1212PMS1-6A        KDE1212PMS3-6A
KDE1212PMSX-6A        KDE1212PMSX-6A*        KDE1212PTB1        KDE1212PTB1-6A
KDE1212PTB1-6A-Z        KDE1212PTB2-6A        KDE1212PTB3-6A        KDE1212PTB4-6A
KDE1212PTS3-6A        KDE1235PFB        KDE1235PFB1-8        KDE1235PFB1-8-ROHS
KDE1235PFB2-8        KDE1235PFB3-8        KDE1245PFB1-8        KDE1245PFB2-H
KDE1245PFS1-8        KDE1245PFS3-8        KDE1245PFV1.11.MS.A.GN        KDE1245PFVX.11.MS.A.GN
KDE1255PFB18        KDE1255PFS18        KDE2        KDE24-08PTB1-6
KDE2404-PKV2.MS.A.GN        KDE2404PKB2       
KDE2404PKB3        KDE2404PKS2
KDE2404PKS3-SUO        KDE2404PKV1-(MS)        KDE2404PKV1MSAGN        KDE2404PKV2-MS.A.GN
KDE2404PKV2.MS.A.GN        KDE2404PKVXMSAGN        KDE2405PFVX.11.MS.A.GN        KDE2405PHB2
KDE2405PHS3        KDE2406PHB2        KDE2406PHB2-IND        KDE2406PHB3
KDE2406PHS3        KDE2406PHV2 MS.A        KDE2406PHV2.MS.A.GN        KDE2406PKV2 MS.A.GN
KDE2406PTB1        KDE2406PTS1        KDE2406PTS2        KDE2406PTSI
KDE2406PTV1.13.MS.A        KDE2406PTV1.13.MS.A.        KDE2406PTV1.13.MS.A.GN        KDE2406PTV1.13.MSAGN
KDE2406PTV1.MS.A.GN        KDE2406PTV1MSAGN        KDE2406PTVX P/N:13.MS.B1        KDE2408-PTB1-6
KDE2408PTB1-6A        KDE2408PTB2-6A                 
KDE2408PTB3-6        KDE2408PTS1-6        KDE2408PTS2-6        KDE2408PTS3-6
KDE2408PTV1 13.MS.A.GN   KDE2408PTV1.13.MS.A.  KDE2408PTV1.13.MS.A.GN
KDE2408PTV113MS.A       KDE2408PTV113MS.A        KDE2408PTV2.13.MS.A.GN       
KDE2409PTB1-6AOC   KDE2412PMB1-6A KDE2408PTB1-6  KDE2408PTS36  
KDE2409PTB3-6        KDE2409PTS1-6A        KDE2409PTS2-6      KDE2409PTS3-6
KDE2409PTS3.6   KDE2409PTV2.13.MS.A.GN   KDE2409PTV213MSAGN
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